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Is your teaching staff juggling and struggling with multiple online tools? Live Classes, Assessments, reference videos, notes sharing and so on. Each need valid and necessary but with solutions on different platforms. Sigh!

How cool would it be, if all of these were part of a single, unified and integrated solution! PlayAblo does exactly that. We have been helping schools adopt and adapt to online learning for five years now. This short video shows how PlayAblo brings the various aspects of Online Learning together.

If PlayAblo might be right for your school, then schedule a quick 20 min demo for yourself. It will be the best 20 minutes you will have spent in a long time. Promise!

Testimonials for PlayAblo

“The teachers’ workload with regard to assessments reduced drastically. Plus it was a win-win for us because we saw that our students who were ranking in their 70s & 80s came up to the level of 90s. I believe that a real-time assessment brings in a lot of honesty”
Ms. Sunmita Shinde
Principal, Hindustan International Schools, Chennai (Guindy)

“The Playablo programme has proved to be an excellent mode of promoting enthusiastic, participative and incisive learning for the learners. Our teachers rate it as a novel way of reinforcement of the concepts”
Ms. Jyotsna Magesh
Chief Education Officer, Sri Sankara Global Academy,Chennai

“With Playablo, students are now ever ready for assignments, which wasn’t the case last year. It is pushing even our below average students to perform better. Playablo has simplified a teacherʼs job… helping us to reflect back on our teaching and continuously improve.”
Ms. Athulya S
Program Champion, Shradhanjali Integrated School, Bangalore

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