Auxilo Finserve


Founded in 2017, Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd. is a pro-education NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Auxilo believes that it’s the right of every student to avail quality education. We are taking steps towards ensuring that students acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they need to achieve their individual goals and to maximize their contribution to society and the country on the whole.

Auxilo Finserve

Auxilo Problem Statement

Auxilo, in its training segment, was undergoing mainly sales-specific learning activities. Most of the training was carried out in a scattered format via traditional tools like Google forms and fragmented courses. They lacked a platform where they could organize all the training from one central location. Hence, the firm wanted an LMS for scaling up and aimed to conduct corporate training for employees via a centralized repository.

PlayAblo’s partnership with Auxilo

Following the partnership, Auxilo was able to structure all of its in-house materials in one place. Secondly, the L&D team was able to track compliance to a better level, leading to an increased compliance percentage. They were also successful in conducting monthly sales team assessments and


PlayAblo, a gamified learning platform, designed specifically to work with tailor-made training plans of organizations, was a perfect fit for Auxilo’s needs. With its ability to scale and launch newer programs, PlayAblo quickly became Auxilo’s preferred technology partner.


“Auxilo Finserve has decided to engage with PlayAblo as our Learning Management Service provider due to the simplicity of the platform. Auxilo is a fairly new organization and is in the process of establishing our Learning Management for our growing employee base. We are located across India and need an LMS that is easy for users to access with minimum IT or Administrator support. PlayAblo provides the flexibility for us to create, implement, manage and drive our Learning programs and initiatives internally with minimum technical dependency.”

- Linus Mascarenhas,
Manager, L&D

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

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