Founding Years Learning Solutions’s KLAY brand of preschools is India’s leading and premium early learning chain of play schools. With 2000+ KLAY educators spread across 100+ centers in India, the group is united in its mission to nurture every child’s gifts and be the trusted parenting partner of every family. KLAY has a presence in over 7 cities and harbors an ambition to scale even higher.


KLAY Problem Statement

KLAY, like any other school grappling with the pandemic situation globally, were at a crossroad – trying to continue delivering early education to the toddlers, a fundamental need for our society. But with physical schools all but open for more than 18 months, this was posing a serious threat to continued early education, something that is essential for the early forming minds of children. Posed with this challenge of continuity of education, KLAY needed a robust technology platform that could easily scale and be customized to their specific needs to run their daily operations smoothly whilst being able to seamlessly deliver the pedagogy.

Playablo’s Partnership With Klay

PlayAblo, an in-curriculum gamified learning platform, designed specifically to work with tailor- made lesson plans of various schools, was a perfect fit for KLAY’s needs. With its ability to scale and launch newer programs, PlayAblo quickly became Klay’s preferred technology partner, not only enhancing the children’s learning experience using gamification, but also bringing teachers, management, parents and children, all in one unified platform.


Klay, in their initial year of launch delivered quality learning experience to over 3500+ children. Being a SaaS platform of choice, PlayAblo, in partnership with the brand, continues to deliver newer program launches for KLAY, embarking on their journey to impact over 10,000+ children in the academic year 2022-23!


“As KLAY moved to virtual learning our search for a right partner to support our learning journey fructified in our association with PlayAblo. Their interactive learning app with gamified features provided us with the right platform for content upload, delivery and the experience focuses on being child friendly and user friendly. Children are able to interact in real time with their peers and facilitators. The autonomous flexibility with white labeling and customisation provided with ongoing support has enabled us to have perfect synergy to deliver our very best enhancing overall experience.”

“The child friendly character icons and avatars encourage children with optimal context and content connections. Parents find the platform very convenient to access all communication and assets related to learning under one ambit. The integration with our app and simple navigation tools have supported our facilitators, children and parents to make it an overall pleasant experience and the one that our children eagerly look forward to on a daily basis."

- Arshleen Kalra
Head Academics & Service Delivery KLAY

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

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