Founded on an innovative idea that every small or large-scale business should run like a Fortune 500 company, Yoma Multinational is among the biggest business solution providers in India – offering end-to-end business services – via technology-driven HR services that work with clients all the way.

With an industry-leading suite of outsourcing and HR solutions that are backed by cutting-edge technology, they provide a one-stop solution to all kinds of people, technology, and payment needs of a business. Their application-based, outsourcing and HR solutions are paired with unparalleled service and support, that helps manage recruitment, training, payrolls, and payments and automate complete employee lifecycle management through a single tool.


Yoma Multinational Problem Statement

As we have seen, Yoma’s main goal is to fulfill the staffing needs of its clients. For a good and seamless recruitment workflow, they wanted an LMS that could structure their learning resources and train their employees on how to satisfy their customers’ concerns. In fact, they had their content ready. However, since it was scattered across several channels, the need of the hour was to organize it all in one central location.

Playablo’s Partnership With Yoma Multinational

PlayAblo, a mobile-first, microlearning-driven, and gamified eLearning platform, is designed specifically to work with custom corporate training requirements – distinctive to each organization. It understood HotelHub’s requirements and partnered with the former to become its LMS provider.


After integrating PlayAblo’s LMS, Yoma was able to structure the major chunk of its training on the online platform to upskill and reskill its internal employees from inception to conclusion. Their training resources are primarily recordings from the top management – in the form of videos.

Since now, all the clips are uploaded on PlayAblo, Yoma has avoided the issue of repetition by being able to access the recordings on a central hub and referencing them when necessary – thereby cutting down on valuable resources, especially time. Currently, more than 2500 employees are trained via PlayAblo. Yoma also uses our LMS to train new joiners who are going to new client locations.

Client Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Success

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