Putting together a training investment budget involves a great deal of work. It’s an aggressive method that demands detailed insights and actionable data points. You must track key performance indicators (KPIs), watch trends, and predict business requirements. But L&D budgeting is not something you do once at the beginning of the year. PrioritiesContinue Reading


When it comes to eLearning, the most widespread audience is your organization’s employees. That makes perfect sense since your workforce will directly affect your business’s bottom line. Nevertheless, there are perks to letting your training programs be available to people outside your organization. Customer training is also one of thoseContinue Reading


Reverse mentoring serves as a framework where younger employees begin taking on the function of mentors inside the organization. This practice is usually carried out by partnering them with a senior coworker (and, on occasions, even adult managers). The younger worker assists and mentors their seniors on an array of subjects today’sContinue Reading


Organizational training techniques and the microlearning roadmap have been driven by the concept of sophisticated games and learning sciences in educational contexts. We can utilize Gamified microlearning to improve both cognitive and instructional skills. It entails employing various gamification techniques to achieve effective knowledge transfer. Learning isn’t just about rote memory. Learning doesn’tContinue Reading


During its two-decade-long existence, SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) has been widely utilized on desktops. But, since the 2010s, when the m-learning trend emerged, the debate of if you can use SCORM in mobile learning as successfully has persisted. Is it possible to see SCORM materials on mobile phones andContinue Reading