Corporate Learning Advisor

Anisha Dutta, our Corporate Learning Advisor, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and did her master's from IIM Udaipur and Purdue University. She loves working on pieces that require deep research and foresight. Apart from that, she is a voracious reader. Movies, music, and tv shows are the next addiction. Otherwise, she also happens to be an avid traveler, a poet, and an animal lover.

Training Needs Assessments

This article will explore the essential steps to transform training needs assessments into effective eLearning programs, covering analysis, planning, and implementation strategies for impactful corporate education. Picture this: nearly half of your team might walk out the door next year if they feel their training needs are being ignored. That’sContinue Reading


The article explores the transformative potential of integrating Learning Management Systems (LMS) into pre-hire programs, emphasizing the strategic advantage of early engagement in the recruitment process. It discusses how leveraging LMS-driven pre-hire programs can streamline onboarding, enhance candidate experience, and align new hires with organizational culture and expectations before theyContinue Reading

advantages of mobile learning

You’re already acquainted with the myriad advantages of mobile learning, but have you considered data security? Recent statistics highlight some worrying facts in the rapidly evolving landscape of India’s e-learning surge. This underscores the pressing need for robust security measures. Despite this, the Indian mobile learning market, estimated at USDContinue Reading