Corporate Learning Advisor

Anisha Dutta, our Corporate Learning Advisor, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and did her master's from IIM Udaipur and Purdue University. She loves working on pieces that require deep research and foresight. Apart from that, she is a voracious reader. Movies, music, and tv shows are the next addiction. Otherwise, she also happens to be an avid traveler, a poet, and an animal lover.


The unique recipe of successful companies is their workplace culture. Employees feel confident, motivated, and safe when working in an organization with a positive environment. Poor workplace culture, however, can lead to stress and dissatisfaction. Finding the correct balance can be difficult. Even when a company performs a fantastic job hiring personnel, harassment,Continue Reading


Your Learning and Development (L&D) program is a labor of love for you. You put in a lot of effort to create training materials that should pique your learners’ interests. You introduce technologies that should make it easier for them to learn. You implement training-supporting cultural changes within your company. However,Continue Reading


According to LinkedIn’s global annual leadership survey, a top concern for the management is achieving employee buy-in. It is a big issue, as employee engagement is critically low. Individuals who are disengaged are less efficient and effective. Today’s modern workplaces are more geographically and genetically varied, and they frequently implodeContinue Reading


Having top-to-bottom leadership buy-in is one of, if not the most crucial, components of an effective training program. Leadership support highlights the value of a program, increases accountability, and sets appropriate expectations and standards. The Association for Talent Development surveyed 575 corporations and concluded that businesses that spent on extensive training sawContinue Reading


PlayAblo assigns learner courses on the LMS in three ways: Auto-subscription Self-subscription Training batches An auto-subscribed course is assigned to a larger audience based on a combination of three criteria – city, branch, and department. Auto-subscription is beneficial as it helps assign a course to several learners automatically at oneContinue Reading


The dashboard of any good LMS  has built-in notifications and reminder templates. Notifications serve a distinct purpose. Every step of the journey, an LMS’s architecture reduces manual actions. This idea extends to its notification functionalities. The majority of scenarios include ready-made configurations. Administrators can easily customize these templates by addingContinue Reading


In eLearning, online assessment questions are the most common method of assessing knowledge. However, one question type becomes monotonous for learners. For variety and enhanced engagement levels, PlayAblo supports different questions. We can also add images and videos to the questions. Let’s see how the platform enables content developers toContinue Reading