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Anisha Dutta, our Corporate Learning Advisor, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and did her master's from IIM Udaipur and Purdue University. She loves working on pieces that require deep research and foresight. Apart from that, she is a voracious reader. Movies, music, and tv shows are the next addiction. Otherwise, she also happens to be an avid traveler, a poet, and an animal lover.

butterfly effect

Can a butterfly in America spread its wings to trigger a typhoon in China? Apparently, it can. According to the Principle of Chaos and the much-discussed Butterfly Effect, small shifts in the starting circumstances can significantly impact the outcome. The digital butterfly effect has more recently come to represent how seemingly insignificantContinue Reading

butterfly effect

Assessing your organization’s L&D requirements from the perspective of participation, productivity, and efficiency criteria requires the use of a corporate training audit. This blog will outline essential ideas, methods, and tactics for evaluating your L&D activities. Occasionally, it’s a wise option to evaluate your firm’s initiatives in terms of development and growth. WhileContinue Reading

Mobile Learning - Micro Learning - Gamification

What is the power triad in eLearning, and what is its significance? One learning technique might not be sufficient to meet your training objectives and keep your learners interested. This post will demonstrate how mLearning or mobile learning, microlearning, and gamification—the power triad—can support the creation of holistic educational experiences. OrganizationsContinue Reading


Although most business executives are aware of the fundamental benefits of corporate learning and development, it is crucial that they prove the value of training as accountable business partners. This article offers suggestions and methods for demonstrating the value of training in the workplace. Why Is It Important to ShowContinue Reading


As talent retention continues to be a problem for businesses, HR executives should consider all available options to lower their organization’s turnover rate. Employee analytics may be able to raise those figures. HR executives may utilize employee analytics to increase diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) and pinpoint areas with higher-than-average departureContinue Reading


Online quizzes and tests are frequently the standards for eLearning course evaluations.In fact, online quizzes for students are a commonly used method when it concerns the design of eLearning courses, but perhaps not across all circumstances. We are confident that the majority of you perusing this blog will agree. However, on the exterior, itContinue Reading


In 1963, the American psychologist David Ausubel developed the Subsumption Theory of Learning. The Ausubel Theory concentrates on how people absorb and learn substantial amounts of information from textual or visual sources. The Ausubel Theory of Subsumption: Diving Into Its Details Even identical twins are not entirely similar to one another. Indeed, evenContinue Reading


Today, we discuss an important aspect of online learning. Distractions. As your employees engage in mobile and portable e-training, how they avoid distractions becomes crucial to their learning experience. Adult learners in a business context can benefit significantly from eLearning. Trainees can select the environment that fits them perfectly because Internet-capableContinue Reading


Agile Learning, along with agile instructional design, is any method of creating training materials that emphasizes efficiency, adaptability, and teamwork. We frequently use the word “agile” in connection with software engineering. However, additional business units have embraced agile methodologies to assist them in swiftly pivoting in response to changing market conditions. TheContinue Reading