Corporate Learning Advisor

Anisha Dutta, our Corporate Learning Advisor, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and did her master's from IIM Udaipur and Purdue University. She loves working on pieces that require deep research and foresight. Apart from that, she is a voracious reader. Movies, music, and tv shows are the next addiction. Otherwise, she also happens to be an avid traveler, a poet, and an animal lover.


When your consumers are satisfied, there’s a high likelihood they’ll do business with you again in the future. What can you do, though, to delight them? In today’s world of intense competition, where several companies compete with nearly similar items, how your company and its services are seen is critical.Continue Reading


You’ve been assigned to create your first training course, and the deadline is approaching quickly. So, what’s next? That’s a bit abrupt beginning sentence for an article, but that’s how it can seem when you get your first eLearning content production project. Where do you begin? What kind of finalContinue Reading


Employees who receive technology training can demonstrate increased efficiency and productivity and help the organization become more competitive. However, it would be unrealistic to suppose that all employees would be ecstatic at the possibility of technical training. Any change in one’s daily routine can cause anxiety and worry about beingContinue Reading


Everyone handles a negotiation differently, whether they realize it or not. Depending on the situation and the person’s level of bargaining abilities, people will intuitively default to the negotiation skills strategy that seems most comfortable to them. While you may have a default negotiation style, once you know what approachContinue Reading

business skills

Workplace success necessitates the development of business abilities. Having particular business skills can help a company’s efficiency, performance, and production, whether you’re a business owner or an employee. In this article, we will go over what business skills are, how to develop the business skill set, and examples of businessContinue Reading


Corporate Training managers must provide possibilities for further training and advancement to create a happy, productive workforce. Unfortunately, a large number of employees and managers regard training as tedious or superfluous. Let’s face it: corporate training can be tedious, but only when you choose the wrong forms of training forContinue Reading

Hard Skills Training

What is hard skills training? Well, before getting there, let’s address this question first: what are hard skills? Employers need individuals with a combination of soft and hard talents. While your team can apply soft skills to various vocations, hard skills are necessary to complete a specific task. Sales, businessContinue Reading