eLearning Course Development
A comprehensive eLearning platform, equipped with the required features and tools, promotes all-inclusive training in a remote, online environment. As a leading eLearning company, PlayAblo helps you to create the complete classroom experience. We help equip both your trainees and trainers with the essential functionalities required to deliver a seamless training experience.

At PlayAblo, we execute end-to-end eLearning course development, from scratch or from existing legacy content to deliver bite-sized, multi-device, and interactive training modules.

How PlayAblo Stands Out from Other eLearning Companies?

PlayAblo is one of the leading and reliable eLearning development companies. Our award-winning cloud-based platform enables you to create targeted content that ups the learning curve and enhances employee performance. You can even use our platform to create bite-sized knowledge chunks from complex, massive information store house. Our mobile and user-friendly interface allows learners to absorb subjects and explore objectives as per their individual requirements.

Here is a breakdown of our e-Learning content development and management services.

|Development of All-inclusive eLearning Modules from Scratch

Our expert team of Instructional Design Developers, Content Designers, and Application & User Interface Developers receive raw content from prospective clients. Following a thorough analysis and back-and-forth discussions with our customers, they create comprehensive online learning modules from scratch.

|Conversion of Existing Legacy Content to eLearning Modules

If you already have existing training materials in the form of PowerPoint PPTs, PDFs, leaflets, & Word files, you can easily convert them into digestible, online, LMS-compliant micro modules with the help of our feature-rich platform. Your repurposed content not only seamlessly integrates on mobile platforms but is also made more interactive with the inclusion of gamification elements, quizzes with instant feedback, tracking options, and visually stimulating add-ons.

|Breaking Down Content into Manageable Bite-sized Chunks

When creating eLearning modules, our expert professionals segment your traditional training courses into readable, absorbable as well as retainable mobile-learning chunks. The resultant learning pages are brief, relevant, engaging, and optimized to fit small screen sizes. The final eLearning sessions are equipped with minimal text, sharp and focused segments, and succinct, specific knowledge chunks.

|Availability of multiple content types and page layouts

The PlayAblo UCM (User and Content Management tool) allows you to easily choose a content style from the various supported formats — audio, text, video, images, or HTML. Our UCM also is flexible enough to pick any design from our learning page templates as per your specifications and needs. Additionally, the PlayAblo Learning Vault is equipped to instantly allow you to add learning pages. Finally, PlayAblo offers you the freedom to manage multiple course modules and topics from a single platform.

|Creation of assessment content for pre and post assessment of skills

Another unique feature of our eLearning course development platform is the ability to create assessment content. Our experts create questionnaires to gauge the existing knowledge of your employees about a particular subject. Once they get a score, they can complete the targeted assessment content, specifically designed to enhance their current knowledge. Once this is over, a post assessment test gives a quantifiable outcome on the learner’s new and improved knowledge base.

|Integration with multiple devices and operating systems

PlayAblo’s rapid eLearning development platform allows seamless integration across multiple devices, including mobiles, tablets & desktops -- across iOS, web browsers and Android apps. Set learning free by enabling learners to access courses anywhere, anytime. Additionally, if you leave off your course at any point on a device, you can continue with the same course from another gadget or platform -- since everything is stored in the cloud.

|Delivering an interactive, visually rich experience

PlayAblo is among one of those eLearning content development companies that address multiple learner needs with embedded elements like quizzes, gamification, questions & answers of various complexity levels, drag and drop activities, Likert scales, simulations, tests, assessments, and multimedia. It offers gamified rewards and badges at every stage of the learning curve to motivate the learner. Fail a level, return again! Retrieving the learning steps increases knowledge retention.

|Integration of Live classes

Our platform allows learners to attend virtual training sessions anywhere, anytime. Live demonstrations offer just-in-time support to employees. In addition, pre-recorded clips can also be made accessible on various devices, can cover individual subjects, & can be together clubbed into the curriculum.

|Inclusion of Leaderboards

PlayAblo’s learning course creation software enables you to embed comprehensive leadership dashboards that spread healthy competition among learners as they progress in different levels of their training curriculum.

|Patented NLP technology from CARNEGIE speech

Our elearning development platform is equipped with state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University - to assess and teach spoken language skills. Cost-effective, scalable and personalized spoken language instruction maximizes training effectiveness and minimizes training time.

|Availability of offline, downloadable options

PlayAblo’s eLearning course development software ensures unrestricted accessibility of the knowledge bank, even in the absence of the internet. Download attachments when necessary and retrieve them anytime, offline.

|Availability of a multimedia learning vault

Availability of multimedia tools like images, video, and audio to enrich the content delivery experience. Interactivity and multimedia learning are vital for enjoying and retaining information.

|Gaining measurable learning outcomes and actionable insights

PlayAblo’s platform gives an aggregate view of learner data on the dashboard. You can gather analytics and actionable insights on the ongoing progress of trainee in terms of usage, progress, and performance.

PlayAblo’s eLearning course development software is customizable for any learning objective that delivers industry agnostic learning modules. A comprehensive administrator tool manages user details and content dissemination. You can also use our software to develop personalized branding as per your company specifications. Finally, we follow a subscription model for our content delivery.

Our team of expert developers and testers can help you in creating the perfect, custom e-learning course. For more information, please reach out to us. We’d love to discuss your needs and how we can help!

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