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What is the power triad in eLearning, and what is its significance? One learning technique might not be sufficient to meet your training objectives and keep your learners interested. This post will demonstrate how mLearning or mobile learning, microlearning, and gamification—the power triad—can support the creation of holistic educational experiences.

Organizations invest in corporate training to assist employees in learning, application, and performance improvement or to promote changes in attitudes and behaviors. You might be unable to accomplish all these goals with just one learning technique.

L&D teams may use the power triad of microlearning, mLearning, and gamification to build immersive and experiential learning that will assist you in meeting this requirement. We shall demonstrate how you can achieve this in this post. We will give you four strategies from this potent combo that will enable you to have the necessary impact.

Why Should You Use the Power Triad of Microlearning, Gamification, and Mobile Learning?

power triad

Adopting immersive learning methodologies that would enable you to match better the manner contemporary learners currently learn or might desire to acquire knowledge makes sense. Let us examine the main elements in your employees’ desire list:

  • Mobile learning using the preferred device of the student.
  • Adaptive training to fit their lifestyles.
  • Flexibility to switch between devices easily throughout training sessions.
  • Shorter and more practical training, which is ideally customized.
  • Easy searchability and on-demand access to learning materials and courses (users ought to be allowed to “pull” instead of being “pushed”).
  • Learning while having fun.
  • Rewards, acclaim, and adventures that immerse learners in learning.

By being interested in staying connected for more education, learners enjoy getting alerts and reminders and are eager to put in the effort if such inputs are helpful and will advance their development. As you might have noticed, you can successfully satisfy the different demands of today’s modern learners by combining several tactics.

To fulfill your business training mission, consider combining mobile learning, microlearning, and gamification. We will start by discussing the worth of each before demonstrating the numerous positive effects that the trio can have.

What Benefits Do Different Strategies Offer Learners, Businesses, and L&D Players?

Mobile learning-based training courses

Power Triad

Mobile learning enables smooth device switching and is “acquiring knowledge on the move” that is often accessed on tablets and smartphones.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak‘s effects on the workforce, it is essential to concentrate on providing mobile learning technologies that virtual learners may use while working remotely.

Relevance for Employees

From the viewpoint of the trainees, mobile learning has many advantages, such as:

  • Traveling or working from home while receiving training.
  • Access is available at any time and anywhere.
  • Allows individuals to choose how and when they want to consume information.
  • Makes it possible for them to absorb knowledge at their pace.
  • May be dragged by them as necessary (rather than pushed).
  • Fits along with how they live.

Relevance for Organizations and L&D Teams

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a definite demand for mobile learning due to the requirement to educate the dispersed workforce. In fact, mobile learning results in a 72% increase in user engagement. The following are the main advantages that mobile learning provides to businesses and L&D workgroups:

  • Target a geographically dispersed community as well as distant learners.
  • Increased involvement.
  • Greater success rates.
  • Simple to re-deploy and upgrade.
  • Cheaper in comparison to ILT (instructor-led training) or a classroom.

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Microlearning-based Training sessions

Power Triad

Microlearning consists of brief, bite-sized lessons that include learning pearls of information (often ranging from two to seven minutes per module). Each piece is created to achieve a particular goal. The instruction can be provided as a single stand-alone module or as a series of nuggets presented as an academic path or journey.

Microlearning and mobile learning naturally complement one another because learners frequently consume quick bites on the fly via their smartphones.

Relevance for Employees

Employees won’t set aside time for training because of the interruptions and the requirement to multitask, which is particularly important given that the employees work from home. They can, nevertheless, easily find time for smaller bites. Microlearning-based training exercises also offer the following benefits:

  • They are readily accessible when needed and are available at any time.
  • Are pertinent and provide a hands-on learning experience.
  • Engender a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
  • Offer them individualized learning paths that can help them advance their careers and meet their objectives.

Relevance for Organizations and L&D Teams

The bulk of organizational training requirements can be met via microlearning-based instruction, which can be applied successfully in several ways:

  • It can be applied to learning, bringing about a shift in perspective, or altering behavior.
  • It can be applied to formal education, application to support performance, just-in-time teaching tools, practice, gain in competence, challenges, and reinforcements.
  • It can be applied to encourage self-directed learning as well as social learning.
  • It can encourage ongoing learning.

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Gamification for Meaningful Instruction

Power Triad

Gamified training focuses on applying game elements and gamification ideas to training sessions to achieve specific learning objectives.

It frequently incorporates a variety of game mechanisms, including rapid feedback, puzzles, and learning through numerous levels, in addition to performance measures like leaderboards, points, and badges. Players may start competing with one another or work together to learn while on their adventure.

Relevance for Employees

Everyone values praise and rewards; therefore, using them to create a learning experience that allows you to “have entertainment while you study” is appealing to the trainees. Well-designed gamified concepts offer the learners significant value, which translates to:

  • Increased motivation.
  • Increased involvement.
  • Enhancing the immersion of learning experiences.
  • Facilitating a memorable educational experience.
  • Flexibility – can be utilized to promote application, practice for increased proficiency, influence thought, and motivate behavioral change.

Relevance for Organizations and L&D Teams

The practical application of gamified training (regardless of whether total or partial) aids firms in the following ways:

  • At pace with other instructional methods and meets learning objectives.
  • Improves memory and retention.
  • Increases success rates.
  • Allows for flexible use across many training demands, including learning, applying, practicing, upgrading skills, etc.

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How Can Mobile Learning, Microlearning, and Gamified Training’s Power of the Triad Be Used for Immersive Learning?

Power Triad

By combining mobile learning, microlearning, and game-based instruction, you may produce an engaging learning environment and accomplish the following goals:

  • Sticky training and its successful use in the workplace.
  • Skill development.
  • Closing the skills gap
  • Influence a shift in perspective.
  • Change one’s behavior.

You can combine many combinations that can be distributed using a mobile application or mobile-based platform.

  • Gamified microlearning is a functionality (as short modules or learning pathways).
  • Feature microlearning chunks that might be incorporated into a game or the learning route that includes the nuggets.
  • Integrate immersive methods, such as Virtual Reality (VR), all or part of the way through a game-based learning process.

Sounds complicated?

Let us look at four intriguing combinations to demonstrate how it is feasible. The expanded applications also will assist you in influencing or triggering changes in thought and behavior. These may enable learners to learn, apply, practice, or upskill.

Combo 1: Microlearning Bites Presented as Mobile Learning With Gamified Bite-sized Sessions

Gamified microlearning courses provide concise, gamified activities. The nuggets may be created to provide heavily experiential training. To get the desired result, these may be supplied as discrete nuggets, such as:

  • Learning.
  • Fixing a dilemma.
  • Use the knowledge learners have gained.
  • Practice leads to proficiency.

Both formal training and just-in-time job assistance can be provided through micro-sessions alongside gamified exercises. Their worth comes from helping people become more proficient and changing their habits over time. This learning can be set up to take advantage of social and collaborative learning.

Combo 2: Journeys into Gamified Learning and Mobile Learning Delivery Models Using Micro-training-based Learning Paths

Gamification can increase the effectiveness of microlearning-based instructional pathways and journeys for formalized instruction and performance support interventions.

Gamified learning pathways can support the educational journey that contains many nuggets. The journey may include several levels, difficulties, prizes, leaderboards, and other features. Microlearning nuggets that include gamified assessments are available.

You might also present gamified tests in the form of micro problems. They are independent pieces that may be presented as difficulties once the instruction is over. They urge students to evaluate or update prior knowledge.

You can provide gamified nuggets in several microlearning styles so that users can:

  • Gain skill and excellence via practice.
  • Use the knowledge they have gained.
  • Resolve a difficulty.

Combo 3: Customized Gamification Delivered Through a Smartphone Application With a Learning Path Centered on Microlearning Bites

Power Triad

By using personalized gamification, you may provide your students with highly relevant, personalized content in the following methods:

A suitable learning route can be provided through personalized gamification (depending on the learner’s passions, goals, or pre-test results). You might also let students choose the best learning pathway on their own.

  • Individualized feedback: You can offer performance-related comments that are very pertinent and personalized in addition to the usual scores, badges, or leaderboards. Their perception of where they are concerning the learning objectives may be more accurate, thanks to individualized feedback.
  • Support for individual performance: You can provide individual advice or extra resources depending on how the learner is acting so they can close any gaps in their knowledge or improve their proficiency.
  • Calls to action: Using personalized gamification is a fantastic technique to prompt “calls to action,” which will assist students in achieving their learning objectives more quickly.
  • Maintain contact: After a satisfactory implementation, you can maintain communication with the students by promoting gamified micro-challenges. They can revisit the information they’ve missed or brush up on their knowledge with the help of these tidbits.

Combo 4: Immersive Learning Techniques With Gaming Elements — A Microlearning-based Educational Journey Made Available Through mLearning

To maximize the impact, you can combine immersive learning techniques with gamification.

You can design gamified learning trips with a background entirely or mostly of incredibly immersive learning techniques. For example, you may include some microlearning tidbits with immersive methods like VR in the Game-based learning trip. An entirely VR-driven, game-based learning path is an additional option.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that you have found this post to help develop the necessary concepts for utilizing the power triad of mLearning, micro-learning, and gamification to produce immersive educational experiences. In the interim, please contact us if you have any particular questions.

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