PlayAblo offers multi-language support for varied user training coverage. With this feature, learners across various regions with different linguistic abilities can easily access online training. 

How to set up a course in multi-language on PlayAblo?

Step 1

Go to the Content Management tab and click on Edit Courses. Here, you will find an option to ‘Add Language.’ 

Step 2: 

You can set up courses in several languages apart from the source language from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: PlayAblo does not do auto-translation. Each language should follow the same format as the first language. The base can be in any language of your choice.

Step 3

PlayAblo additionally gives the option of voice-over text. You can use this feature in two ways:

  1. Put a text in the text box and there will be machine translation. However, Speech Recognition’ is applicable only for the ‘Spoken English’ course involving natural language processing.
  2. Add an mp3 file: For other languages, only mp3 is possible where you need to record the voice and upload the same on the LMS.

Step 4

From the learner screen, learners need to go to ‘Language settings.’ All the available languages for the course will appear in the drop-down. 

A learner can choose their language at their convenience. They can also switch between the language of their choice.


Always choose an LMS that supports multiple languages. LMSs that allow different languages for their customers are becoming increasingly popular since they help to improve user experience by localizing processes and removing geographical barriers.

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