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An effective online corporate learning program should be complete with elements like L&D analytics and training metrics — to track employee training progress. Besides these, another way to measure the ROI and effectiveness of the eLearning module is via rating and feedback. Hence, it is essential to promote a feedback culture in your workplace. When your employees can rate courses on LMS, they promote a system that gives honest, unbiased feedback. This system leads to proper communication between executives, managers, L&D professionals, and other staff members.

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With a feedback system for your workplace learning projects, you can address gap areas in your existing program. You have the option to ditch obsolete information and replace them with relevant knowledge. What’s more? The ability to rate courses on LMS also boosts learner engagement. How? By creating an open learning environment for all. It additionally translates to developing a positive workplace culture where people continuously improve and grow. Furthermore, feedback systems cause decreased employee turnover and cut down costs by efficiently training employees through mentorship and constant constructive criticism.

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Now, to create a healthy rating and feedback culture in your organisation, you can take the help of a platform like PlayAblo. Let’s see how PlayAblo does the job for you!

How to Rate Courses on LMS and Offer Feedback to Authors on PlayAblo?

When a learner logs in to PlayAblo, s/he has the option to start a course (which can be either auto- or self-subscribed). Once they complete the session, inclusive of all the modules, assessments, and exercises, they will get this screen. All they need to do is, click on the ‘Rate Course’ tab:

rate courses on lms
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Next, the learner can rate the course, based on their opinion — from one to four stars. They also have the choice to give feedback on how to improve the course further:

rate courses on lms
rate courses on lms

The final home screen will display the courses with their average ratings.

rate courses on lms

Well, did you see how effortless and straightforward the process is? If you want some more clarity, you can speak to our experts at PlayAblo!

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