self-subscribing courses on LMS

The best learning management systems should always offer the option to pick a learning methodology aka self-subscribing courses on LMS — well-suited to meet your employees’ needs. The requirements may include the learning style, individual interests, and personal schedules. Yes, with the constant evolution of technology, the need for on-demand online training has also skyrocketed. The modern generation is so accustomed to accessing information at their fingertips that it has dramatically altered their expectations of digital learning. Remote trainees prefer to control their learning, in contrast to traditional classroom structures.

Now, with the help of a subscription-based LMS like PlayAblo, L&D teams have the option to distribute courses based on which skills need to be acquired by a particular learner group. You can allocate training modules to your employees when you understand what knowledge they will need to complete a specific task. For this purpose, you have the option to pick auto-subscribing courses. However, here is the thing. As we already mentioned, the contemporary employee has his/her interests. S/he prefers flexibility. S/he might want to acquire knowledge about something else — which is outside his/her domain. And this is where the option of self-subscribing courses on LMS comes in handy.

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For instance, suppose you have an audience segment from the sales and marketing team. And you have developed a mandatory course, which provides learners with the tools and ideas to maximize individual and team sales. Now, certain participants from the group might want to have more clarity on the design aspect of your products — to better understand how to pitch the offering. Here, they can go for self-subscribing courses on LMS applications. Well, to give you a better idea of how this option is made possible with PlayAblo, here is a short, step-by-step guide.

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How Does PlayAblo’s Self-Subscribing Courses on LMS Work?

When you create a course using PlayAblo’s UCM, you have the choice of deciding if you want it to be self-subscribed. The learner can then choose to opt for self-subscribing courses on LMS if s/he intends to acquire additional knowledge over the subjects that have already been assigned to him/her. For this purpose, you can click on ‘Allow for self subscription, as shown below:

self-subscribing courses on LMS

Now, when the course is self-subscribed, let’s see how it looks from the learner’s end. Your employee can go to the ‘Explore courses’ tab and choose any module they want to self-subscribe to.

self-subscribing courses on LMS

Once they self-subscribe, the course will automatically become available on their dashboard.

self-subscribing courses on LMS

Well, did you see how effortless and straightforward the process is? If you want some more clarity, you can speak to our experts at PlayAblo!

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