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Mobile learning can increase productivity by 43% as compared to desktop users (Towards Maturity). This is one of the reasons mLearning has grabbed so many eyeballs in the past couple of years. And one of the segments, where mobile platforms have made a massive contribution, is SALES — and to be more specific, sales training.

Ambient Insight suggests that 70% of learners use mobile devices for eLearning. Why? Busy schedules, frequent business trips, annual targets, and hectic working hours are part and parcel of any employee — more so in the case of sales reps. Therefore, for such professionals, desktops or in-class sessions are a strict no-no. In such a case, mobile eLearning is the go-to option.

sales training

Mobile learning ensures continuous, comprehensive, and relevant knowledge dissemination on-the-go. This is vital for dispersed sales teams who need a flexible yet targeted learning methodology. Well, today, let’s understand why mobile learning is the ideal strategy to accelerate your sales training. We will also outline how you can use mLearning to generate the maximum sales output from your business.

The Perks of Using Mobile Learning for Sales Training

Uninterrupted Schedule

Working hours of sales professionals vastly vary from those of regular employees. Sales representatives frequently have travel plans, and their schedules are hectic. Most of the time, they follow shift timings, which can undergo last-minute changes. Other than that, they need to attend client meetings in different locations.

Sales Training

When the job is fast-paced and mobile, is not mLearning the best bet for sales teams? On-site training is not at all suitable for sales pros since it is quite rigid. On the other hand, mobile learning is extremely flexible, with trainees having the option to access relevant training materials on their fingertips.

Easy & Quick Digestion of Information

Mobile training solves another problem. It enables sales employees to grasp and process information in bits. With so little time at their disposal, micro-learning is ideal to suit the needs of sales employees, who are always in the midst of a time crunch. The mobile sales training software can deliver bite-sized chunks of knowledge while targeting one topic at a time.

To enhance knowledge retention, micro-learning modules are usually created to follow a logical sequence. Gamification, infographics, and brief video clips make the content simpler and interesting. Therefore, sales reps can effortlessly memorize vital bits of data, such as product specifications or sales presentations.

Timely Access to the Required Information

Sales Training

Sales reps often need access to certain pieces of info — here and now. Since they are on the move, getting hold of a laptop or desktop is not easy nor feasible. Suppose your employee is on his way to a sales meeting and quickly needs to refresh some points. So, what can he do? Whip out his phone and go through the required content! And this is possible only with the help of mLearning.

Moreover, mobile sales training courses also ensure that all employees receive the same learning. As a result, you maintain consistency in terms of brand image. After all, whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, it is your sales team that strikes the final deal with your clients while representing your brand.

Simple Updating Options

The sales market is constantly changing. To stay relevant and to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be aware of your customers’ evolving needs. There might be a release of new products or updates. This means that your sales reps should be frequently updated about the changes.

When you disseminate digital sales training via mobile platforms, you can easily replace and update old information with new data. The process is not only cost-effective but also takes less time as compared to setting up live training sessions. Whenever you create new content, upload it on your mLearning app. Later, inform your sales team about the changes by sending a notification.

Improved Assessment And Reporting Features

Sales Training

With the help of mobile learning for sales teams, you can use several tools to assess the knowledge level of your employees. Quizzes and score-based games will enable you to pick the ‘ready’ employees, who can be sent out to the field. And there might be others who need more time. Reporting tools will allow you to gauge how your learners are engaging with your training modules.

Best Practices to Set Up Mobile Learning for Accelerating Sales Training

Now that you understand how mLearning is vital for training your sales team, you should be aware of the best practices that can accelerate this process. After all, a well-trained salesforce is essential to ensure your business’ long-term growth. So, let’s get started!

Sales Training

Curate on-demand content that solves your employees’ pain points. Ensure that the modules are easily accessible at all times. The content must be relevant, relatable, engaging, and up-to-date.

The delivered material should be chunked into bites so that learners have no difficulty in retaining the required data. Trainees must be able to apply the acquired knowledge practically. Additionally, your course should be equipped to provide timely feedback — leaving room for continued improvement.

Mobile modules should follow the microlearning approach, which can be combined into formal training, instantaneous task aids, quick reference guides for products, cheat sheets, competitor details, and success stories. Of course, targeted customized learning modules and video-based learning are necessary to offer increased support.

mLearning should not be a segmented approach. It MUST incorporate the entire spectrum of sales training — which is a combination of scenario-based learning, decision-making simulations, and gamified learning.

Final Word

In this era of digitalization, sales employees are completely dependant on mobile devices. mLearning is just an extension of this trend. It is a flexible and efficient training solution for the sales workforce, that does not have enough time to invest in traditional learning sessions. If you have not tried mobile sales training yet, it’s time you give it a thought.

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