BFSI Training Infographic

A recent report by McKinsey suggests that over 30% of tasks in the BFSI industry will be taken over by machines in 2022. You might think that this will lead to job displacements. True. But this digital disruption also means that several job profiles can evolve into tech-centric roles. So, what does this mean? Corporates will need to rethink their BFSI training strategies to bridge that gap between reskilling and upskilling existing employees. 

Additionally, the banking, financial services, and insurance sector need to have an expert workforce that can match the demands of the well-informed millennial customers. With chatbots, machine learning, and blockchain altering the major functions in BFSI training, grooming of the existing talent is vital. In other words, BFSI training is essential.

This infographic is a quick overview of the key challenges (faced by HR leaders in the BFSI training) and how they are being countered. Whether you are from BFSI or not, you may be able to adapt the techniques for honing the approach to corporate training in your industry.

Infographic: BFSI Training — Challenges and Adaptation

Challenges and Adaptation of BFSI Training in Industry Infographic

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