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eLearning for blue-collar employees — why is it critical today? In India, the number of blue-collar employees has reached around 500 million. Firms attempt to automate as many blue-collar positions as possible due to rapidly advancing technology. Yet, automation only touches the surface of our blue-collar ecosphere’s problems. Breakthroughs inContinue Reading


The concept of micro-certifications, micro-degrees, and micro-credentials has been gaining popularity in the corporate world in recent years. These certificates, given to recognize an employee for learning a specific skill through a microlearning program, can greatly impact a company’s bottom line. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits ofContinue Reading


Investing in employee development and training, known as upskilling workforces, is not just a formality, but it could be crucial for a business to adapt and succeed in uncertain times. In the past, during economic downturns, learning and development initiatives were often viewed as discretionary or non-essential expenses. However, asContinue Reading

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Staff training targets and objectives are already at the forefront of the priority list for L&D leaders. Learning goals are typically in line with the company’s purpose, vision, and strategy. However, have you considered your learners’ training expectations? Employees today also have specific demands from their training sessions. They demand particular educational standards,Continue Reading


Many employers occasionally provide their staff with specific training programs regardless of the industry. Learning objectives aid in maintaining the aim of training initiatives and help participants understand the value of L&D. In this post, we’ll explain what learning objectives are and demonstrate how to construct practical team goals using illustrations. TheContinue Reading

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Can a butterfly in America spread its wings to trigger a typhoon in China? Apparently, it can. According to the Principle of Chaos and the much-discussed Butterfly Effect, small shifts in the starting circumstances can significantly impact the outcome. The digital butterfly effect has more recently come to represent how seemingly insignificantContinue Reading