Franchisee Training

What is Franchisee Training?

When your brand is the heart of your franchise, training must maintain your brand consistency. When you develop a new franchisee training program, your main focus is definitely on your operations manual. Such operational training can easily be a legally binding compliance tool that includes all the standards a franchisor will require of each franchisee.

Now, here is the challenge. How do you ensure that all your franchisees get the same training? How do you ensure that your branches respect your brand image? Hosting sessions online is the ideal option to deliver uniform learning sessions. With PlayAblo, your franchisees can absorb knowledge on the go -- irrespective of their location.

What's more? You can also make your online sessions more interesting by incorporating gamified elements, quizzes, and assessments. Additionally, you have the option of keeping track of your franchisee's progress with the help of the PlayAblo dashboard.

Franchisee Training

Why is Franchisee Training Vital?

In 2012, India's franchising industry was worth INR 938 billion. It increased by 31% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach INR 3,570 billion in 2017. By 2022, the market had increased by INR 10,500 billion at a CAGR of 24%.

Sure, this is a powerful piece of information. But not every franchisor succeeds over the long haul. There have been rumors of certain franchises only existing for a short while. Why? Dealing with economic swings and shifting client expectations must build a franchise organization that endures fierce competition.

Therefore, the only option is to provide a dependable, superior client experience entirely dependent on your franchisees. Franchisees are experts in the industry and are your brand's ambassadors. They work hard to expand your franchise while focusing on their achievement. They have made significant investments; therefore, they have a working interest in your company. So, how do you keep them going? By providing excellent franchisee training.

The best franchisee onboarding training program is created by top franchisors with a significant investment of time and money. But what elements come together to create the ideal franchisee training modules that build a knowledgeable, enthusiastic crew and draw in new franchisees? A robust, thorough, continuing learning solution should achieve the targeted outcomes, such as attaining corporate goals, lowering training costs and times, increasing sales, and lowering turnover rates.

So let's look at the components of an excellent franchisee training program today. We'll also see how an extensive franchisee onboarding process benefits significantly from using eLearning.

What Factors Should You Consider When Creating a Franchise Training Program? How Can E-learning Be Useful?

Learning that is ongoing and structured

Disseminating fundamental operational skills is the first step in practical franchisee training. The next step is to continue honing and developing these skills over time. The process of training is ongoing for any successful firm. It is an element of the organization's progressive culture. Experience requires that instruction be adaptable. So, where do you begin?

Start with a thorough plan considering how to encourage logical skills progression. For instance, after teaching your franchisees critical, fundamental jobs, follow it up with workshops on soft skills like leadership, conflict resolution, and communication . You can supplement this activity with instruction focusing on the learners' objectives, such as business analysis, extended ownership, or improved sales and marketing.

Franchisees will also need on-the-job training to prepare them for the difficulties that may emerge in the industry. Provide them the tools to resolve problems through punctual, adaptable learning sessions. These actions increase retention rates and engagement levels. Additionally, bear in mind that every person has a unique set of learning requirements. Provide a range of learning opportunities to cover all bases in your training approach. By combining technologies like gamification, which increase interest and engagement, eLearning may provide contextual instruction.

eLearning is advantageous for ongoing learning in several other ways as well. For instance, online training is asynchronous and accessible whenever and wherever the franchisee chooses. When you provide them with a thorough Learning Management System, they can strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional objectives. For instance, PlayAblo provides quick, on-demand training for franchisees, which increases retention and absorption rates./p>

Compatibility with personal and organizational goals

A franchisee with solid operational and interpersonal abilities is an asset and should be given a permanent position in your company after the original contract period. It would be wise to consider various training possibilities to match the franchisee's aims with your business's. Customized and tailored learning sessions enable the franchisee to achieve their goals, which increases financial and commercial advantages. PlayAblo offers specialized franchisee training courses that assist businesses in achieving verifiable returns on investment. How? An enthusiastic franchisee will go above and above to match personal objectives with corporate objectives. Companies can recover some of the expenditures associated with an extended enterprise technology platform by charging for specific content. Why? Because franchisees are happy to spend on training programs that will boost their business outcomes.

Franchisee training must be ongoing for a company to become current and agile. Among other advantages, businesses that invest in immersive training programs see lower turnover rates and increased earnings. Franchisees can benefit from an excellent training program just like your employees, primarily if it uses a blended learning paradigm (which combines offline and online training). It guarantees on-the-job learning while offering on-demand, mobile-optimized, and bite-sized lessons.

Progress from a state of boredom to one of engagement

Franchisee onboarding training includes disseminating various intricate and laborious learning resources, such as an operations manual and classroom and on-site instruction. You should also think about continuing education through refresher courses.

Ensure the training sessions are engaging and participatory during each process. Various training modalities, including video, live class integrations, and quiz-based modules, are available through PlayAblo's eLearning program . Combining the elements mentioned earlier produces a welcoming environment for franchisees' training. Additionally, studies show that franchisees retain more information when they receive training in various formats that incorporate tactile, aural, and visual learning styles.

Last but not least, you need to confirm that your franchisees have learned the information required to complete the appropriate duties after each learning session. How, then, do you handle that? With the assessment-based eLearning solution from PlayAblo! You should create an efficient online training program that combines certification on core competency concerns with assessment tests. The curriculum must also include periodic refresher training introducing new goods, services, or practices.

Why PlayAblo for Franchisee Training:

Integration & SSO support

PlayAblo integrates easily into your existing landscape of internal systems. We also support Single Sign-On making the integration extremely easy and fast.

Rapid implementation
(Cloud-based SaaS solution)

PlayAblo is a Cloud-based SaaS solution that ensures rapid implementation, lower operating costs, increased scalability, and easy integration. New releases and upgrades are straightforward to propagate.

Any Device - Any OS - Anytime

Access PlayAblo’s learning content from any device, including desktops, smartphones, tablets and iPads. The training modules are optimized to fit most screen sizes.

Learn at your place, your pace!

Built for Micro-learning, PlayAblo allows learners the option to learn at their own pace and place. Progress as much as you can and continue from where you left off, whenever you can!

Learn offline

PlayAblo is a Cloud-based SaaS solution that ensures rapid implementation, lower operating costs, increased scalability, and easy integration. New releases and upgrades are straightforward to propagate.

Build eLearning content 70% faster!

Access PlayAblo’s learning content from any device, including desktops, smartphones, tablets and iPads. The training modules are optimized to fit most screen sizes.

Integrated LMS and CMS

The integrated LMS and CMS feature enable corporates to manage learners, keep track of their progress and performance, and create + distribute new learning materials -- all from one platform!

LIVE Classes

LIVE Classes are integral to the Blended Learning approach. PlayAblo comes pre-integrated with G-Meet, lending a real-time replication of the traditional classroom experience. Need another LIVE platform integrated? Just ask!

xAPI Compliant

PlayAblo’s xAPI compliant platform lets you add eLearning content that is inherently responsive for all devices and allows data collection about the wide range of experiences of your learners within your training.

Best in class dashboards

PlayAblo’s dashboards give a real-time view of your learners’ progress regarding aggregated usage, progress, and performance view.

Self-Subscribe Courses

PlayAblo lets learners search for non-mandatory courses and subscribe to additional programs per their job needs without any external intervention.

Auto-Subscribe Courses

Depending upon learner’s role and department, specific courses are mandatory or needed for compliance. You can set up courses for Auto subscriptions based upon rules, including recurring subscription for compliance.

Create mobile-friendly courses directly from PPTs

PlayAblo’s dashboards give a real-time view of your learners’ progress regarding aggregated usage, progress, and performance view.