Why is outsourcing eLearning content beneficial? Well, rather than spending time researching, generating, and publishing eLearning content, you’d be better off devoting your time to other vital elements of your business. The COVID-19 pandemic has already transformed the way businesses function, compelling them to shift from in-office to virtual teams.

Although the globe is recovering from the consequences of COVID, many firms are embracing a hybrid model that has shown to be more productive than a traditional one, which primarily consists of a mix of on-site and remote personnel.

The main benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development to a strategic partner instead of in-house development are listed below.

Prime Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning Content
outsourcing elearning content

One of the most crucial upsides of outsourcing eLearning content development is that you can save money in a gamut of ways, allowing you to keep expenses low while increasing turnover. Outsourcing, for example, saves you more money than hiring workers full-time or seasonally for the same job. You don’t have to worry about personnel remuneration because you only pay for the work you want to be done.

It will help if you look for folks who check most of the boxes. They’ll still require specific training to match your organization’s requirements. This approach not only costs money, but it also means that they will have to take time from work to complete the training. On the other hand, Outsourced specialists do not require training because they are already qualified for the position. Overall, outsourcing your eLearning content development can help free up funds for more vital expenditures in your firm.

The Right Expertise

You can utilize the knowledge and abilities of others that you and your staff don’t have via outsourcing. Even if you have the necessary talents, it’s better to hire the person who is best suited for the position. This is where outsourcing makes an entry, as you may increase your competence in the eyes of your audience by leveraging the knowledge and abilities of others.

Furthermore, you will benefit from the expertise of creators with many years of experience. Because they specialize in eLearning content development, there’s a strong possibility they’re up to date on the latest trends and techniques to stay relevant.

Multitasking and Quick Response Times

Most outsourcing partners have short turnaround periods, which means they can finish small to medium-sized tasks in under a week. This is a massive benefit because most tasks that should complete fast take in-house personnel a long time. Your employees will be able to focus on other vital areas of their jobs if you hire specialized content providers, which will increase productivity.

Another advantage of outsourcing your eLearning content development is that you won’t have to worry about how it’ll be done because most outsourcing companies have a team of experts on hand. Outsourced creators can efficiently execute multiple projects that take more time and effort to complete in-house personnel.

Scalability (Both Up and Down)

Outsourcing eLearning content development is a terrific idea for firms with small teams. Because your in-house team cannot generate additional material within a certain period, relying on internal resources to fit new deliverables into an already overburdened plate may result in inefficiency and diminishing quality.

Hiring pros to handle content production, on the other hand, can help you scale up and down to meet your business objectives with ease. You won’t have to worry about missed deadlines or deteriorating work quality.

Encourages New Ideas and Creativity

Creating eLearning content on your own can be time-consuming, and you may have “writer’s block” due to the frequent production of information. You have a team of professional creators at your disposal when you outsource eLearning content development, which means you can avoid the danger of producing repetitious and disengaging content.

Even if you have unique ideas, specialized designers have the expertise and knowledge to communicate your point of view and notions in ways you may not have thought of previously. Furthermore, because they specialize in developing eLearning content for various clients, they may be aware of emerging content creation trends that can help you improve the quality of your content and even provide fresh, outside viewpoints when you’re stuck.

Increasing Learner Engagement

In workplace learning environments, increasing learner engagement remains a significant objective, ranking among the top three challenges for businesses in 2020. Employees may already be struggling to handle their core tasks, so adding additional training courses to the mix could be too much. The present online remote work model has also separated learners, reducing the vital part of socialization that makes learning more enjoyable.

Your employees do not have to endure the same destiny as those who have dropped out of the firms. Instructional designers understand how to construct courses that positively impact learner behavior. Their participation in course development has also been found to improve student-to-student engagement in online courses.

Produce a More Diverse Range Of Content

The liberty and creativity to try different forms of material are one of the benefits of outsourcing eLearning content production to strategic partners. Whether it’s text, audio, video, or another content format, you’ll be kept up to date on shifting content trends so you can figure out how to develop exciting and easy-to-understand material.

Make the Most of Your Learning Management System

Any training program requires an easy-to-use, feature-rich learning management system (LMS). It’s a one-stop shop for providing content, assessing learners, tracking progress, and producing reports, among other things. With most organizations migrating to work-from-home settings, there has never been a greater need for a centralized learning channel than in the days following the pandemic.

However, it’s possible that your company isn’t utilizing your chosen LMS to its maximum potential. The good news is that having an outsourced instructional design team can help you get the most out of it. Instructional designers are well-versed in the many learning platforms being used and how you can maximize them for your organization’s benefit, thanks to their experience in several industries.

Make Your Training Program Stand Out From the Rest

External audiences can provide a significant competitive advantage, such as partners or franchisees. Businesses will be more eager to collaborate with organizations that offer comprehensive, dynamic, and easy-to-access training courses that add value while not interfering with core business operations. From introductions to monthly corporate updates, up-to-date, entertaining training is a superb vehicle for imparting vital information. Allow your training to stand out by providing little bite-sized modules that the learners may be complete at home or during dedicated study time.

Third-party instructional designers who have worked with various organizations have a good understanding of how a specific training program is put together. As a result, they can create one that is separate from what other organizations offer, combining your company’s particular qualities and wants.

Obtain a Strategic Alliance

Trying to stay on top of trends and studies can quickly deplete your passion for the content you’re creating, and even for the organization you’re heading. Outsourcing the design of eLearning content to the proper firm can help you build a solid, long-term partnership. Since they play such an essential role in your company’s growth, trustworthy partners can make all the difference. You get an additional capacity for quick turnarounds and a reliable partner.

For instance, if you outsource eLearning content development to technology and app-based platforms like PlayAblo, their experts will execute end-to-end eLearning course development from scratch or existing legacy content to deliver bite-sized, multi-device, interactive training modules.

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When Is It Appropriate to Outsource?

Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing eLearning content, your next question might be: when is the ideal time to outsource corporate eLearning solution design and development?

You’re Unsure of Where to Begin

Are you fresh to the world of eLearning? Do you have a learning and development (L&D) staff in-house that lacks the necessary skills or talents? Is it proving challenging for you to keep track of all aspects of eLearning development? Then it’s time to outsource!

You’re Pressed for Time

You might have a great eLearning development team on staff, but they’re too busy to meet your deadlines. Faster turnaround times can be achieved by outsourcing.

Your Human Resources Have Been Depleted

Have you used up all of your resources, personnel, time, and money yet still not received the results you want? Do you have trouble putting your employees’ time and talents to good use? For efficient resource allocation, outsource eLearning.

You Can’t Reconcile Your Expectations With Reality

Your in-house staff may be unable to achieve your training goals, objectives, and outcomes. To make your vision a reality, outsource!

In Terms of eLearning Design and Development, What Can You Outsource?
  • End-to-end outsource eLearning content production if you have content ready to produce a digital learning solution but lack in-house ID and authoring tool skills. Outsourcing end-to-end eLearning development will necessitate extra evaluation and clarification from your Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • E-Learning Development in a Hurry – If your in-house staff is unable to create eLearning courses from scratch, consider outsourcing the task (PowerPoint presentations, ILT material, Word documents, videos). eLearning content outsourcing makes use of quick authoring tools and necessitates the least amount of SME time, instructional design, and resources for course development.
  • Converting Flash to HTML5 — If you want to convert your Flash-based courses but don’t know where to start. With the use of authoring tools, outsourcing can assist in quickly converting courses to HTML5.
  • Instructional Design — If your in-house staff is lacking in learning design skills and a grasp of adult learning principles. Outsourcing aids in the creation of performance-based objectives, the selection of the best instructional design technique, and the creation of assessments.
  • Components for Multimedia – If creating, designing, or programming sophisticated animations, interactivities, images, or movies for your in-house team is a difficult task. You can save money by outsourcing these jobs instead of hiring employees or purchasing tools.
  • Course Development — If your in-house staff lacks writing tool experience. The development of storyboards developed by your in-house team can be outsourced. Your outsourcing partner will have the necessary competence to deliver high-quality results on schedule.
  • If your in-house team lacks translators with experience in a variety of languages and domains, you may need to outsource translation and localization. Your courses will be translated by a network of experienced native translators if you outsource.
  • If your in-house team is unable to create engaging and compelling performance support assets, consider using digital assets. A good eLearning provider will give you a variety of digital products to help your students perform better right away.
What Should You Do Before Hiring Outsourcers?
Establish Measurable Learning Goals

To assist your eLearning vendor in efficiently creating digital learning programs, make your intended results very clear. Performance, Condition, and Criteria should all be included in your instructional objectives—learning objectives aid in selecting an educational approach and content scope for eLearning creation.

Examine the Content’s Availability

Divide and filter content according to the learning objectives. Avoid including content that isn’t related to the learning objectives. You’ll be able to spot any holes in the information and effectively fill them in.

Recruit SMEs

Plan for curriculums and negotiate with subject matter experts (SMEs) how much time they will need to study and validate eLearning initiatives. Ascertain that your eLearning partner has access to all proprietary information.


Companies who refuse to outsource will face many problems, including higher expenses, lower productivity, and lower quality of work. These issues can put any company at a disadvantage, as competitors that embrace outsourcing will be able to catch up and out-compete them.

The plain truth is that there are far too many advantages to outsourcing eLearning content development to overlook. You not only save time and money, but you also gain access to the expertise of seasoned creators, allowing you to position yourself as a thought leader in the eyes of your audience.

Ad: PlayAblo’s Enterprise-Grade Micro-Learning platform is built for millennial learners. Micro-Learning, along with assessments and gamification features, ensures learning outcome measurement along with sustained engagement.
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